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Good Brand Good market: การประชุม TCL Global Partner Conference - Tuesday, 13 October 2015 14:39
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CEO biography-Siemens

Mr. Anthony Chay is President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Limited Thailand. His appointment in 2009 made him the first Asian to take over leadership at Siemens Ltd. Thailand, including additional responsibility for Myanmar and Cambodia. Mr. Chay speaks German, English, Mandarin and three other Chinese dialects, Bahasa Indonesia and a bit of Thai.

Asean Industrial:
In regards to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, what was your initial reaction when Germany won?
Mr. Chay: I’m a sports lover and the World Cup is one of the biggest sports events, so I was of course ecstatic when I learnt that Germany won. More importantly, I’m happy that Siemens was able to contribute to the success of the World Cup 2014 as we were heavily involved in providing green technology used in the Brasilia stadium. Moreover, we helped with the planning process to improve the city’s overall infrastructures to be able to support the millions of tourists that poured into the country for this grand event.

Asean Industrial: Can you elaborate more on the “green technology” supported by Siemens for the Brasilia Mane Garrincha National Stadium?
Mr. Chay: One of the many green solutions that Siemens provided was to help with the waste reduction by controlling water and energy consumption. This has made the stadium one of the most advanced and sustainable structures of its type in the world.

Asean Industrial: What about Brazil’s infrastructure? How was Siemens involved?
Mr. Chay: To name a few, we supplied the combined cycle gas plant in the heart of the Amazon to support the increased electricity demands during the World Cup 2014. This new power plant is more sustainable, reliable and replaces ecologically harmful diesel generators. Also, we provided smart technology to the newly interconnected Brazilian power grid, uniting the nation under a single and reliable system for the Brazilian National Power Grid Operator (ONS) which helps to monitor and control the Brazilian national electrical transmission network in real time, optimizing existing resources in the network, reducing operating expenses, and making Brazil’s power system safer, more flexible and efficient. As for transportation technology, we provided the latest and most innovative extension of Sao Paulo’s metro network, making the Sao Paulo Metro line the first and only driverless subway line in South America.

Asean Industrial: That sounds really great! As the CEO of Siemens Thailand, in what areas do you think Thailand still needs to be developed? Can we use the same technologies as the ones in Brazil?
Mr. Chay: Siemens is a global company, and the technologies and services we provide are very similar around the world. Thailand has a lot of potential to improve and we are looking forward for opportunities to further develop and bring Thailand up to international standards.

Asean Industrial: Can you give examples in which Siemens Limited has done for Thailand?
Mr. Chay: In the past two years, 
•    Energy Sector was involved in providing 90 wind turbines for South East Asia’s biggest wind energy farm at West Huay Bong 2 and West Huay Bong 3 projects in Nakhon Ratchasima province last year.
•    Healthcare Sector invests a lot in R&D to produce the safest and most efficient healthcare products for the patients.  Renowned hospitals and medical training centers recognize and appreciate the high speed quality and safety features that come with our innovative equipment. We are proud to say that the healthcare sector, particularly in the Imaging and Therapy Systems Division, has maintained strong business in Thailand and Myanmar for the past several years. 
•    Industry Sector has been awarded many automation and manufacturing projects by major industrial players in the region. Such as Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd. part of SCG Paper which is one of the largest packaging paper manufacturers in ASEAN, Siam City Cement Public Co. Ltd, one of the biggest cement producers in Thailand and Kaset Thai International Sugar Plc., one of Thailand’s top three sugar plants.
•    Infrastructure & Cities Sector, in the area of transportation, Siemens has reached a milestone by completing the delivery of 4-car sky trains into passenger operations ahead of schedule to the Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Co., Ltd (BTSC). Furthermore, the mobility division received a contract from the Mass Transit Railway Authority of Thailand (MTRA) for a 10-year maintenance contract for their subway. 

That is quite an impressive range! Thank you for your time and hope to     see Siemens in more developments in the near future!